4 Friends Betrayed Their Friend By Sleeping With Her Rich Boyfriend


Kemi Olunloyo has alleged that 4 friends have back-stabbed their friend by sleeping with her rich boyfriend.

If you recollect, sometimes in November, a certain photo went viral on the internet showing a seemingly married man taking bedroom selfies with various women.

According to a report by Kemi, the incident happened in Zambia and she was opportune to have the man’s contact and eventually spoke with him.

She wrote:

I spoke to this rich Zambian man who I won’t name due to anonymity who had all these women sleep with him for lots of cash in exchange for a selfie. All the women are friends so you see how they backstabbed the main girlfriend in the top picture BECAUSE OF MONEY

He tells me that he wanted to show women never to trust each other. If one had HIV they would all catch it if he didn’t wear a condom with all of them.


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