Christiano Ronaldo’s Sister Blames Mafia For Brother’s Loss At Ballon D’Or 2018


Cristiano Ronaldo’s sisters, have blamed the Mafia for their brother’s loss at the 2018 Ballon d’Or in which Luka Modric was announced as the night’s big winner.

One of Ronaldo’s sisters, Elma Aveiro, 39 who stated that the night reflected how the world was “rotten” and tainted by mafia and money, wrote on Instagram;

“Unfortunately this is the world we live in, rotten, with mafia and f******g money.

“The power of God is a lot greater than all this rottenness. God takes his time but he doesn’t fail.”

The other Ronaldo’s sister, Katia who posted a photo of Ronaldo after he won a previous Ballon d’Or, wrote;

“Best player in the world….for those who understand football of course.”


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